At Gabzebo Inc. we design our videos booths based on 12 years of experience therefore we have learned what works and what doesn’t. The video booth is designed carefully to balance the usability of our clients, booth participants, shipping, customization and on-site set-up. We are very proud of what we offer and truly enjoy what we do.

Video Booth Design



This is a FULLY ENCLOSED premium video booth designed for high-profile executions and built with the staple features:

  • Participants privacy allowing genuine feedback
  • Distraction from onlookers
  • Reflect and diffuse background noise
  • Maintain perspective and field of view
  • Maintaining control of efficient lighting
  • Dynamic solid back-drop for branding

We have designed our latest release Video Booth 4.0 as a modern, FULLY AUTOMATED, simple design that can conform to any industry to be durable and easily branded. 1 – 3 adults can present at once while seated to ensure comfort and maintain the subjects in the field-of-view and a controlled environment to accommodate different heights.

Video Booth
Video Booth


Delivery & Pickup

Gabzebo can arrange the delivery and pickup of the video booth to your chosen location globally. We have partnered with an experienced freight company and customs brokers for the last 12 years that are familiar with our video booths as a result they understand event services and delivery are crucial to the timing of a successful function.

Set-up & Assembly

The video booth is truly portable and easily assembled by two people with one simple tool which locks each piece together. The booth requires a 5′ X 6′ X 7′ (including door swing) area and must have access to an electrical outlet, and if necessary for social uploads internet or wi-fi access. While being sturdy, the booth also breaks down into pieces to easily to facilitate ease of access, assembly/tear down, and transportation. This design allows you to position and delivers your message right where your target audience thrives.



Gabzebo supplies templates and art direction allowing clients to freely create their own imagery to personalize a full or partial printed vinyl wrap. Customize your interactive video recording booth with graphics for seamless integration with your projects to suit any occasion and attracting attention and re-enforce presence and objective. GABZEBO prints and wraps the booths before your event and the image wrap is removable and can be replaced to express your next project.

Video Booth

How can we assist you?

Video Booth by Gabzebo Interactive

We encourage you to use the Contact Form as the initial contact as we have found it helps to inspire deciding factors for your event. A Gabzebo team member will be in touch with you to discuss your project.

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Video Booth Pioneers

Built to be the all-in-one portable video marketing solution with the client and end user in mind.


To learn more about our video booth customization, send us an email and a Gabzebo team member will be in touch with you to discuss your project.

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