Gabzebo offers an interactive, customizable experience. Our video booths are designed to match your specific needs, combining user-friendliness with remarkable flexibility. These sophisticated video booths are not just tools for creating user-generated content; they also help gather insights about your visitors, generate leads, and come with built-in social sharing capabilities. To elevate interactivity and enhance the overall appeal of the experience, we provide a range of add-on applications.

Video Booth Custom Touchscreens



Beyond Gabzebo’s core technical functions, we offer a diverse range of add-on video booth apps and plugins to elevate interactivity and enhance the overall experience. Our suite of apps provides you with the flexibility to infuse entertainment into your event or leverage Gabzebo as a potent tool for market analysis.

Each of our apps offers multiple options and can be customized for standalone use or integrated with other apps. As the user experience becomes more enriched, it not only boosts visitor engagement but also enhances the quality of user-generated content. This, in turn, increases the likelihood of content sharing on social platforms or through word of mouth.

Highlighted below are some of our most popular applications, and we invite you to contact us to discover more about our extensive lineup of apps and plugins.

Video Booth Social media Delivery
Video Booth Social Media Uploads


Gabzebo is an advanced tool for amplifying social content, enhancing relevance, reaching untapped audiences, and fostering lead generation. It empowers you to enrich your participants’ social platforms or your company’s Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter pages with engaging user-generated content.

Our system automates social network uploads, ensuring that your content gains maximum exposure through a user-friendly microsite directly linked to the respective channel. You can further optimize your impact by customizing statuses, tweets, or posts and embedding strategic hashtags, dedicated keywords, and insightful descriptions to precisely target and engage your desired audience..

This is great! Pro Tip: Incorporating automated video branding, including graphic overlays and lead-in/out videos, not only reinforces your brand identity but also maximizes exposure, elevating the effectiveness of your video marketing strategies.


You can record multiple video responses to questions we’ve supplied, offering an effective method to guide video booth participant responses and pinpoint genuine feedback. You have the flexibility to display a menu of questions, utilize a multi-tiered structure, or opt for a linear multiple-choice adventure format. Furthermore, questions can be tracked through the selection of options such as video, photos, graphics, and audio, ensuring a tailored and dynamic experience for your users.

Video Booth Custom Questionnaires


As part of their 125th-anniversary celebration, North Shore has captured numerous heartfelt and intimate stories within NorthShore’s mobile video booth.

The 125th Anniversary celebration continues and this spring, employees, patients and others aligned with NorthShore sat down in the 125th anniversary video booth to share heartfelt and intimate stories.

Click below to watch a sampling of the videos that they have received at the 4 hospitals.

Video Booth Samples


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Video Booth by Gabzebo Interactive

GABZEBO booths are available for events globally and a discount is applied for the long-term and multi-booth campaigns.

Please email us to obtain an estimate and learn more about our capabilities for your unique video booth project.

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Best Wedding Video Booths

Best Wedding Video Booth

Making a scene way back in 2007 as Gabzebo is featured as one of Katie Charles's New York Weddings Top 20 Reception Ideas. Check us out and other great reception ideas.

Rent a video booth. It’s a private, more comfortable (though potentially more incriminating) way for guests to leave fun messages on camera. The mechanism works much like a photo booth; guests tap the touch-screen to start a two-minute recording—long enough to say something nice or funny; brief enough to avoid getting into too much trouble.

Weddings New York - Gabzebo Video Booths


Photo Booth from Gabzebo

Photo Booth

Incorporating still images can seamlessly complement the video experience or function as a standalone photo booth. The process is entirely automated through the touchscreen, allowing guests to capture one or several images, which are then compiled into a printable format. These images are instantly uploaded to a microsite, which facilitates sharing on social networks and sending via email, creating a versatile and engaging experience for your guests.

Video Booth Karaoke Singing

Karaoke Video Booth

Introducing our portable video karaoke booth, ideal for lip-sync performances and creating catchy jingles! This sing-along application can be tailored to your specific needs and seamlessly integrated with other apps. Guests can effortlessly select a song on-screen and record their performance without the need for cumbersome earphones or microphones – just the guests and their talent. It’s a fun and engaging addition to any event!

Video Booth Graphic Overlay

Graphic Overlay

Our video booth offers the automatic inclusion of custom logos, watermarks, banners, and borders to your videos. Guests can even select from a variety of on-screen graphics. All of this is seamlessly automated within the video booth in real time, significantly reducing the need for post-editing and expediting the process of posting branded videos online. It’s a hassle-free way to enhance the professional look of your content.

Video Booth bumpers

Video Bumpers

The Gabzebo video booth seamlessly incorporates prefabricated video bumpers, including lead-in and lead-out videos, automatically before and after each recorded video. This feature is a fantastic way to boost brand awareness and maintain continuity or offer a brief introduction to the video while concluding with additional information. It enhances the overall experience and professional touch of your content.

Video Booth send out email and video postcard

Email Video

As a token of appreciation for participation or as part of a marketing call to action, the video booth can promptly send an email with video links attached, along with a photo. This email can include a pre-populated subject line and body text. It serves as an immediate follow-up, offering additional information and extending the user’s engagement and experience. It’s a seamless way to maintain contact and provide further value to your audience.

Video Booth Green Screen

Green Screen Booth

Our all-in-one video booth features chroma keying, enabling dynamic background replacement to align with your event’s theme and ambiance. This versatility allows you to easily change the green screen backdrop, thereby enhancing brand visibility and sponsorship awareness. It’s a powerful tool for creating immersive and customized experiences that align perfectly with your event’s needs.

Animated GIF Video Booth

Animated Gif - Boomerang Booth

Generate concise bursts of images compiled together into a looped file to convey your message rapidly. GIFs are highly entertaining and tend to be widely shared, owing to their brief duration, compact file size, and their ease of embedding in various platforms. They’re a great way to capture and maintain your audience’s attention effectively.

Slow-Mo Booth - Video Booth

Slow-Mo Booth

Slow-motion, high-definition video has the unique ability to evoke a sense of fond nostalgia or add a touch of whimsy to a comedy sketch. With this feature, our video booth seamlessly integrates music and enables you to apply slow-motion effects in combination with any other app, all without any delays or manual adjustments. It’s a convenient way to enhance the atmosphere and storytelling potential of your video content.

Built to be the all-in-one portable video marketing solution with the client and end-user in mind.

We have many more apps...

We offer a wide range of additional apps to enhance your experience. Our experienced multimedia designers and programmers oversee the development of Gabzebo’s software, continually expanding our app collection. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us to explore how we can craft a one-of-a-kind experience tailored to your needs. A Gabzebo team member will be in contact with you to discuss your project in detail.