Gabzebo is much more than a portable video booth. It is an interactive programmable experience that can be custom tailored to individual requirements. Customization provides the freedom to engage and make a strong impression on your audience while capturing feedback. Utilize the booths multi-task functions with HD capture, screen presentation, and video branding. In addition, with our add-on applications, you can drive user engagement with green screen, Karaoke, and Social Media integration.

Video Booths Custom Touch Screens



Our latest release, Video Booth 4.0 is equipped with the latest brand-name hardware to support the performance of high-resolution recording and rendering while performing several tasks simultaneously. Some key features:

  • Full HD video recording
  • *H264 MPEG-4 AVC, 48 AAC Audio, 30FPS, 1920X1080p
  • 22″ Touch Screen
  • Custom touch screen presentation
  • Custom data capture
  • Integration with popular social channels
  • Participant tracking analytics

The latest version of our ZEBO CORE™ v 3.0 software is embedded to keep up with the high demand for computing requests and to scale out client needs.
*ZEBO CMD™ can customize the video output to additional common video file formats.

Video Booth, Chicago, IL
Video Booth Software



The Client Management System named ZEBO COMMAND (ZEBO CMD™) is embedded within the video booth. This powerful utility provides access to video booth settings, allowing operators to customize touchscreen assets, input social properties, and control many hardware functions in addition to general computer maintenance.

Custom Touch Screens

Gabzebo’s multimedia developers can build custom touchscreen presentations with personal graphics, questionnaires, audio, and video to encourage feedback and produce an atmosphere parallel to the event. This creates a completely unique interactive experience and encourages return users.

How it Works - Fundamentals

Guests can use the 22″ inch touch-screen to activate recording easily. The fundamental step-through begins with a guest entering the booth where they can review multiple screens, agree to legal, enter data. then tap “Begin” to start recording. An on-screen display will count-down the time remaining to keep the user aware. If the user finishes early they can stop recording with a touch of the screen. After the allotted time the recording will stop automatically and reset itself for the next guest. If the user feels the time was too short they can press start again and continue recording.
Video Booth Custom Touchscreen

How can we assist you?

Video Booth by Gabzebo Interactive

GABZEBO booths are available for events globally and a discount is applied for the long-term and multi-booth campaigns.

Please email us to obtain an estimate and learn more about our capabilities for your unique video booth project.

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Video Booth Data Collection

Data Collection

With our on-screen keyboard and custom form fields, patrons can enter information that can be collected for priceless data including, but not limited to: e-mail addresses, names, location, age, and gender. The data file can be integrated into common database programs for further evaluation and to analyze visitor data for advanced marketing and relationship management.
Gabzebo Video Booth Software

Content Retrieval

All video is compiled on an internal storage and Gabzebo’s CMS, ZEBO CMD™ can export your video and data files onto an external USB storage device. The Video Booth also has the capability to upload video to online repositories like FTP folders, cloud storage and private YouTube channels allowing a video booth to collect as many videos as needed per project.
Video Booths Technical Support

Gabzebo Support

Gabzebo multi-media designers work closely with our clients to produce interactive touch screens and booth branding. We offer advice and revisions at every step of the process to ensure optimal user experience and ROI. Our in-house Technical Assistance is available for support via remote assistance where we can help with any questions you have or update any changes you may need.

We develop all our software in-house, there are no creative limitations or customization restrictions.

Gabzebo has many more functions...

Video Booth CompanyOur programmers create and control Gabzebo’s software development and are constantly introducing and adding value to our video booth capabilities. Contact us to see how we can create a unique experience. A Gabzebo team member will be in touch with you to discuss your project.

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