Gabzebo video booth rentals serve as a potent marketing tool and an elegant solution for a wide array of events. They are specifically designed for clients who seek a high degree of personalization and require a product that offers flexibility while projecting a professional atmosphere. The return on investment (ROI) is invaluable, as it allows you to repurpose your videos, integrate user-generated content (UGC) into your marketing campaigns, add a personal touch to your videos, feature video testimonials on your website, and leverage the original “everyday influencers“. It’s a multifaceted and dynamic solution for your marketing needs.

Video Booths Custom Touch Screens



Every activation is distinct, influenced by variables like location, customization, and the specific services essential to your project. Our collaborative approach allows us to closely understand your event requirements and the ultimate goal of maximizing the assets generated by Gabzebo.

Our customized quotes are meticulously crafted to incorporate the features you require while omitting any unnecessary services. These quotes initiate at a base rate of $1950 per day, with the opportunity to incorporate additional services as necessary. This adaptability ensures that you receive a quote tailored precisely to your project’s unique needs.

Additionally, we offer competitive rates for multi-day and multi-booth campaigns, making them an excellent choice for larger, multi-market initiatives.

To obtain a personalized quote for your distinct video booth project, please complete our Contact Form. A Gabzebo service representative will reach out to provide comprehensive information, offer advice, address any questions, and create a detailed estimate to meet your specific requirements.

Video Booth Software
Video Booth Software


Here are the fundamental features of the video booth before customization:

  • Records full high definition video at 1920 X 1080p resolution.
  • Includes a Gabzebo-branded touchscreen presentation.
  • Offers the capability to include 1 to 4 questions.
  • Gathers participant data such as names and email addresses.
  • Automatically sends an email to the participant.
  • Features a non-branded white booth as the standard setup.

These are the core elements provided as part of the video booth’s basic package, which can be further customized to suit your specific needs and branding requirements.


Gabzebo provides shipping to most global locations, with the understanding that events held outside our typical service area may incur supplementary delivery costs. We are dedicated to accommodating a diverse range of locations to ensure your event’s success.

Additionally, we are open to collaborating with your logistics team if you prefer to manage your own shipping arrangements. Our aim is to offer flexibility and meet your specific event requirements efficiently.

Video Booth Software

How can we assist you?

Video Booth by Gabzebo Interactive

GABZEBO booths are available for events globally and a discount is applied for the long-term and multi-booth campaigns.

Please email us to obtain an estimate and learn more about our capabilities for your unique video booth project.

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Video Booth Kiosk

Have your own display?

If you have a custom display and require our compact, high-performance, all-in-one video recording technology, our Zebo Video Kiosks are the perfect solution tailored to your needs. These kiosks feature the same robust technology as our video booths and offer exceptional versatility, thanks to their low profile, lightweight design, and generic aesthetics. Engineered for public spaces, they come equipped with an industrial 22" flush bezel touchscreen, devoid of exposed cameras, wires, and tripods. Our Video Booth Kiosks are well-suited for wall-mounted, tabletop, or wide-angle photo booth applications, ensuring adaptability to various settings and configurations.

Video Booth Kiosk Rolling Crate

Video Booth Kiosk Rolling Crate


Video Booth Data Collection


Gabzebo offers a range of customization options to tailor your video booth experience to your specific needs:

Video Booth Imaging:
Options for full booth branding or partial branding are available.

Touch Screen Display:
Gabzebo will create a client-reviewed touch screen presentation to incorporate your brand and special functions.

Video Branding:
Customize the recorded video with lead-in/out videos and graphic overlays to reinforce your branding.

Social Media Branding (Metadata Tags):
Enhance your video content with special customization when uploading to social networks.

Add-On Apps & Plugins:
Further expand the functionality of your video booth by adding extra apps and plugins, creating a unique and engaging user experience adventure.

Video Booth Brand Ambassadors


Our video booths are fully automated and require minimal setup; simply plug them in. We handle the branding, programming, and delivery to your location.

Additional Services:

For events held outside our standard service area, additional costs may apply, which could include accommodations and travel expenses.

Onsite Technician:

Upon request or as needed, Gabzebo can provide an on-site Technician to oversee and assist with the booth’s operations.

Video Booth Hosting:

An on-site host is available for events within our service area. They will manage the booth, address questions from participants, and present the video booth to your event as required.

These services are designed to ensure the smooth operation and success of your video booth experience, providing the support and assistance you need for a seamless event.

Video Booths Technical Support


We’ve meticulously engineered our proprietary video booth and technology to be highly scalable, enabling Gabzebo to create custom software and projects tailored to your specific needs.

Our mission is to continuously innovate and expand our offerings:

If there’s a product, service, or a particular technical requirement that we don’t currently provide, rest assured that we’re likely in the process of developing it.

To explore how we can bring your unique video booth project to life, please complete our Contact Form. We look forward to discussing your vision and turning it into reality.

We develop all our software in-house, there are no creative limitations or customization restrictions.

Custom Projects?

Video Booth CompanyWe have many more apps and our experienced multimedia designers and esteemed programmers create and control Gabzebo’s software development and are constantly creating and adding value to our app collection. Contact us to see how we can create a unique experience. A Gabzebo team member will be in touch with you to discuss your project.