With 17 years of experience, Gabzebo has been a prominent event producer in and around Toronto, collaborating with major Canadian corporations and private gatherings. This extensive experience has afforded us valuable insights into various event venues and enabled us to successfully execute numerous events.

We invite you to explore our website to assess whether we are the ideal interactive video booth partner for your next event.

University Video Booth

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OCAD University, is a public university located at 100 McCaul St, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The school is within the Grange Park neighbourhood, and adjacent to the Art Gallery of Ontario. The school is Canada’s largest and oldest educational institution for art and design.



In addition to Gabzebo’s technical functions, we offer a series of add-on video booth apps and plugins to enhance the interactivity and appeal of the experience. Our apps give you the choice to inject some fun into your event or use Gabzebo as a powerful tool to understand your market.

All apps have several options and can be customized and utilized as a stand-alone or integrated with other apps. The richer the experience, the more engaged your visitor is, increasing the quality of your user-generated content and the likelihood of sharing across social channels or word of mouth.

We have outlined our most popular applications here. Contact us to learn more about our other apps and plugins!

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IMAGE: Toronto Tourism & Hospitality


Gabzebo is a sophisticated tool for growing social content, adding relevancy, reaching new audiences and generating leads. Populate your participants’ social platforms or company pages on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter with user-generated content.

All social network uploads are automated and uploaded natively to gain maximum reach in real-time from the video booth directly to the channel. Add custom a status, tweet, or post and embed valuable hashtags, dedicated keywords, and descriptions to target and engage.

This is great! TIP: Adding automated video branding with graphic overlays and lead-in/out videos ensures brand identity and maximizes exposure for video marketing strategies.


Create Custom Questionnaires for Authentic Video Responses

With Gabzebo, you can craft custom questionnaires to gather authentic feedback and engage participants. The questionnaire feature allows users to record multiple video responses to your provided questions. You can shape the user experience by presenting a menu of questions, offering multi-tiered inquiries, or guiding them through a linear multiple-choice adventure. These options make it easy to capture diverse and meaningful feedback, utilizing video, photos, graphics, and audio to enhance your data collection. Get valuable insights and create engaging interactions with Gabzebo’s questionnaire capabilities.

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How can we assist you?

Video Booth by Gabzebo Interactive

GABZEBO booths are available for events globally and a discount is applied for the long-term and multi-booth campaigns.

Please email us to obtain an estimate and learn more about our capabilities for your unique video booth project.

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Toronto Video Booth Rental

Portable, durable modern design


Toronto galleries and exhibitions

Galleries & Museums

Transform Public Galleries and Events with Interactive Video Booths

Elevate the visitor experience at public galleries and events in Toronto with Gabzebo’s innovative video booth solutions. We’ve had the privilege of enhancing numerous iconic Toronto events, including Pride Toronto, Toronto Zoo, Caribana Toronto, Nuit Blanche, and more.

How Gabzebo’s Video Booths Enhance Public Galleries and Events:

Visitor Engagement: Gabzebo’s video booths encourage attendees to actively participate, share their thoughts, and create memorable content.

Valuable Data: Capture attendee information for future outreach and gain insights into your audience.

Seamless Brand Integration: Customize the video booth’s branding to align with the event’s theme and aesthetics.

Social Media Amplification: Extend your event’s reach by sharing user-generated content across popular social channels.

Technical Support: Our experienced team ensures smooth setup and operation throughout your event.

Whether you’re hosting a public gallery exhibition at the AGO, the ROM or a city-wide event, Gabzebo’s video booth is the perfect addition to engage your audience and create a unique, interactive experience. Contact us to discuss how we can make your event in Toronto even more memorable.

Video Booth Karaoke Singing

Private VIP Venues

Elevate Your Private Event with Gabzebo’s Video Booth Rental in Toronto

Looking to add an extra layer of entertainment and interaction to your private event in Toronto? Gabzebo offers prime video booth rentals, creating unforgettable experiences for your guests. Whether it’s a corporate gathering, a wedding, a birthday party, or any other special occasion, our video booths are the perfect addition to engage your attendees.

Benefits of Gabzebo’s Private Event Video Booth Rental:

Memorable Moments: Capture the special moments of your private event with video recordings and photos. Your guests can leave heartfelt messages, share their well-wishes, or simply have fun in front of the camera.

Personalized Branding: Customize the booth’s branding to match your event theme and style.

Entertainment: Gabzebo video booths provide a unique and interactive entertainment option for your guests. They can record personalized video messages, take photos, or engage in various interactive activities.

User-Generated Content: Collect user-generated content from your guests, which can be shared with them as a keepsake and can also be used for post-event marketing or social media sharing.

Technical Assistance: Our team ensures hassle-free setup and operation throughout your private event.

Video Booth Graphic Overlay

Toronto Conventions

Toronto Convention Video Booth Rentals

Enhance your convention and conference with Gabzebo’s video booth rentals. Our interactive video booths offer a unique and engaging way to capture valuable insights, create user-generated content, and promote your event. With Gabzebo, your attendees will have a memorable and interactive experience, making your convention or conference truly stand out.

Key Features of our Video Booth Rentals:

User-Generated Content: Encourage attendees to share their thoughts, testimonials, and experiences through video recordings, creating authentic content for your event.

Data Capture: Collect valuable attendee data, including email addresses, names, and more, for future marketing and analysis.

Brand Customization: Tailor the video booth to match your event’s branding and messaging, providing a cohesive and professional look.

Social Media Integration: Seamlessly share user-generated content on popular social channels to extend your event’s reach and impact.

Technical Support: Gabzebo’s expert team ensures smooth operation, from setup to assistance throughout your event.

Make your Toronto convention or conference more engaging and memorable with Gabzebo’s video booth rentals.

Multi-city video boot tours in Toronto

T.V & Film

Gabzebo: Your Video Booth Rental Solution for Film and Television Productions

For film and television productions in Toronto, Gabzebo offers a unique and interactive solution to capture behind-the-scenes moments, engage the audience, and create authentic content. Our video booth rentals are an ideal addition to your production set, premieres, or promotional events.

Why Choose Gabzebo for Film and Television Productions:

Premiere Events: Enhance your premieres with a video booth to engage guests and create shareable moments.

Authentic Audience Reactions: Capture real-time, unfiltered reactions from viewers, providing authentic insights into their emotional responses to the content.

Audition Recording: Record actor auditions and screen tests. Conduct remote auditions and callbacks easily, saving time and resources for both casting directors and actors.

Talent Assessment: Review auditions and interviews with ease and share them securely with the production team for evaluation.

Internal Content: Capture candid interviews, bloopers, and personal messages from the cast and crew to connect with the audience.

Designed with both the client and the end-user in mind, as the ultimate all-in-one portable video marketing solution tailored to Toronto and beyond.

Discover the Power of Interactive Video Booths

Gabzebo ~ Interactive HD Social Media Video Booths brings a new level of excitement to events and gatherings. With our state-of-the-art booths, you can capture unforgettable moments and instantly share them with your friends and followers. Whether you’re planning a corporate event, a wedding, or a birthday party, our video booths are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. Contact us today to learn more about how Gabzebo can make your next event extraordinary.

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About Gabzebo Inc.

Gabzebo is a Canadian, Greater Toronto area interactive multimedia and technology company that specializes in providing video booth solutions and services. We offer customizable video booths for various events and purposes, including marketing campaigns, public galleries, conventions, private events, and more. Gabzebo’s technology allows users to record videos, take photos, and engage in interactive experiences, all while offering a range of add-on applications and features to enhance user engagement and capture valuable user-generated content. Our services cater to businesses, event organizers, and individuals looking to create unique and interactive experiences through video booths and related technology solutions.