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Canadian Video Booths


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Capture Real People

Imagine constantly gathering video testimonials from visiting tourists and local residents across the nation enthusiastically sharing their love for Canada, their cities, or their favorite restaurant in an inviting and controlled environment?

Video Booth Email Video

Canadian Branded

Customize the interior and exterior with vinyl branding to represent the local culture. Create touchscreen prompts, and questions to guide the responses and get the feedback you desire. 

Video Booth automated editing


Now imagine being able to automatically brand the user-generated stories with the impact of sharing over social networks through-out Canada and the world! In addition, collect ​contact information to extend the value for retention and promotion.


Introducing the Gabzebo Video Booth.

Built to be the all-in-one portable video marketing solution with the client and end-user in mind.


Video Booth Data Collection


Our fully enclosed and automated video booths provide guests with a comfortable and private setting allowing them the confidence to speak their minds. Guided by on-screen prompts guests are in full control tapping through the touch screen presentation to start recording at their own pace. The video booths also allow patrons to express themselves in a static field-of-view with the necessary controlled lighting and audio atmosphere.

Video Booth Toronto Wedding


The video booth is designed to be generic where customizing the booth to make it yours is very simple. Gabzebo provides design templates and assistance to brand the video booth, and also the video footage, touchscreen presentation, and activities. If another look is desired, simply re-brand. This gives you the endless power to continue to grab the attention of your targets, your image, your campaign, and the local culture.

Video Booths Technical Support


Gabzebo is an interactive programmable experience. You can create an adventure with many activities, photos, games, and more by using our ZEBO Construct online presentation builder. Tailor your presentation to your requirements much like using PowerPoint. Update or swap-out the presentations and create a new adventure at any time. The touch screen is a 22″ industrial display for public use.

See more capabilities at our main website.


Photo Booth from Gabzebo

Digital Photo Booth

Taking still images can easily be integrated with the video experience or as a standalone photo booth. Fully automated by the touchscreen, guest can take one or several images that will be compiled into a printable format and sent through email and/or uploaded to social networks via the microsite.

Video Booth Graphic Overlay

Graphic Overlay

The video booth can automatically add custom logos, watermarks, banners, and borders to the video. Guest can also choose from a selection of on-screen graphics. This is fully automated within the video booth in real time, reducing post-editing tasks and expediting the posting of branded videos online.
Photo booth for rent

Video Bumpers

The Gabzebo video booth automatically stitches video bumpers (Lead-in video and lead-out video) before and after the recorded video. This is a great way to increase brand awareness and continuity or provide a quick introduction to the video.

See more applications at our main website.


During special events, bring several of your video booths together to gain maximum feedback.

Video Booth Canada

Build a Canadian Network

Strategically place your video booths in common areas for nationwide coverage! While the booths constantly collect video in their local area, temporally swap-out a new touch screen presentation and easily convert into a collective. Image already having a network in place and the ability to showcase the uniqueness and diversity of Canadians from coast to coast… to coast.

Canadian Video Booth Network

Corporate Sponsorship

Corporate sponsorship made easy or partner with other federal/ provincial departments, share the video and sell space on:

  1. booth branding
  2. touchscreen presentation
  3. video bumpers
  4. video graphic overlays
  5. email list & promotion
  6. social media micro-site and hashtags

Celebrate Canada's Unity

  • Canada Day
  • Victoria Day
  • Labour Day
  • Family Day
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts
  • New Years, Christmas, Mother’s Day
  • Black History Month
  • National Indigenous History Month
  • Remembrance Day
  • Pride
  • Terry Fox Day
  • Bell Let’s Talk
  • Calgary Stampede
  • … the list is endless!


Toronto Tourism
Video Booth Client

“Having these kinds of testimonials is invaluable for marketing Toronto. These are genuine, enthusiastic endorsements that reach consumers who are increasingly relying on word of mouth and online networks when making travel decisions.”

Joel Peters

Senior V.P. and Chief Marketing Officer, Tourism Toronto

Tourism Video Booth Canada
Tourism Video Booth Canada
Tourism Video Booth Canada
Tourism Video Booth Canada
Tourism Video Booth Canada
Tourism Video Booth Canada
Tourism Video Booth Canada
Tourism Video Booth Canada

HP sponsorship for Woman Deliver 2019 conference:

Vancouver, Canada


wedding video booth

Purchase the Hardware

Gabzebo’s sales model is a reflection of the cell phone model. One-time purchase of the hardware (video booth & technology) and then license the software yearly and add optional features as a subscription service.

Video Booth Software

License the Software

License the proprietary software, ZEBO CORE, and ZEBO CMD. Two powerful programs to grab video, process, and customize the basic experience. With your licensing agreement, Gabzebo provides maintenance of the technology with FREE updates and new features.

Gabzebo Social Upload

Add-on Activities

Add only the activities and Plugins you need per booth. Subscribe to ZEBO CONSTRUCT to build unique presentations or add ZEBO SITE for uploading videos to social sites and vetting. Other activities include Karaoke, Animated Gif, Graphic Overlay, and much more!

Gabzebo develops our software in-house which allows us to have full control without limitations. We can create a new activity upon request.

Plug & Play

Gabzebo will ship the booth to an address of your choosing. The video booth is easy to set-up and the technology is plug & Play. Using Gabzebo templates, brand your booth, and load your new touch screen presentation. You are now ready to collect the stories of millions of Canadians.

Gabzebo will be available for tech support. Instruction material will be provided on how to pack and set-up, configure the interactive touch screen, and extract the video.

Toronto trade shows and conventions video booth rental
Video booth testimonials

Proud Storytellers for Canada

Gabzebo Inc. is a 100% Canadian owned and operated company and we design our video booths based on years of experience. We are the original manufacturers and have learned what works and what does not. We are proud of what we offer and truly enjoy what we do.​

Contact Steve Moore , Owner-Operator directly to see how we can discover our own backyard, provide an outlet for Canadian Storytellers and revitalize Canada.

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